Robert Dagny’s

Performer Audition Package


Bring in your current monologue audition material (musical theatre performers bring in your current audition songs) and let’s see what’s working and what’s not.  We’ll work on “cold readings” and see how you handle them.  And how about those pictures and resumes?  Do they really look like you and do they say “hire me?”

Cabaret Performers: Let me create a unique evening just for you!

Let me put you in the spotlight with my Performer Audition Package - Click here for more information.

Learn to expect the unexpected at auditions and the right mind-set to successfully be in the moment without fear or panic!

The focus is on you ....

Do you hate to audition?

Would you like to ...

  1. -free yourself from “audition panic?”

  2. -avoid “image” casting?

  3. -master “cold readings” and commercial copy confidently?

  4. -have monologues, scenes, and musical numbers for Theatre, Film and Television that “grab-em” instantly?